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Your time in this world (wide web) is short.
I'm here to make it memorable.

I live to make the brand experience human. I do this by translating the brand voice into a two-way conversation, and by turning analytics and business priorities into stories that celebrate the individual and make them feel part of something greater. I've been doing this with passion for over 20 years, from NYC to LA, from Photoshop to Figma, and from Cannes Lions to FWA of the month.

Below are some the principles I've developed, to keep me centered.
They're like my Jedi code.

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Understand & respect

Among other tools, I use design thinking to understand a brand's audience by identifying their pain points and discovering their aspirations. This helps ensure the brand voice is authentic, which in turn strengthens the relationship between the brand and its intended audience. I advocate for inclusion and accessibility, to ensure all are understood, respected, and have the same access to the full experience.

Tell a good story


Because humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, we have evolved to love them. It's true! There's a well-known scientific study that found we're 22 times more likely to remember something when it's told in a story. This is why it's important for a good story to be told, even when it's to tell the story of Honda making electric vehicles the right way or introducing a new Disney resort with Hawaiian culture and art at its center. Stories brings people together, makes them feel alive, and inspire them to take action.

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Prototype to succeed sooner

Our world is full of products that waste our time, product noone uses and one that people's lives better. This is why finding a product's flaws and successes early in development is crucial. I begin prototyping and user testing as early in the design process as possible. It allows me to gain insights quickly, to validate theories before designs are concrete, and gets me talking to the developers sooner, which ensures we're speaking the same language. It's a win-win for the end product and the product design team alike.

Leave it better than you found it


At the start of my career, my goal was to become the next Leo Burnett. Through wanting to understand the target better, and developing methods to help brands maintain relevance through changing times, I've become a more of a humanist. Studying design thinking at IDEO in San Francisco helped me to further develop my approach by introducing me to new methods for identifying real solutions and creating successful products. When I'm not working, I use my advertising, tech and design knowledge to make the world better. I've hosted Global Accessibility Day, co-created a hackathon aimed at creating a more accessible city and created a device to help children with autism communicate. Oh, I also contributed to a book about creating legacy, but I'll leave that to the next section.

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Dig the data

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Fun facts about me

My weekend camper doubles as my office during the week.
I’m a contributor to the best-selling ad industry book: Legacy in the Making.
Maurice LaMarche once gave me a private performance of his famous voices.
Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror occupy most of my Netflix account.
I was awarded several times, by the City of LA, for improving accessibility.
I’m a huge fan of Patagonia and its commitment to planet Earth.

Resume Info


Product Design

Creative Direction & Strategy

Interaction & Experience Design

Client Management & Collaboration

Rapid Prototyping

Campaign & Pitch Work

Team Building & Mentoring





2K Games



Virgin Airlines

They Might be Giants


Work Experience

Associate Creative Director

RPA  /  Los Angeles  /  2018 - Present

Product design team lead. Digital, brand and pitch work. Design and creative direction. Brand and visual identity. Integrated communication and global implementation. Product ideation, strategy and design. Prototyping, motion testing. Building and mentoring teams. 

Senior Art Director

Team One  /  Los Angeles  /  2013 - 2018

Digital, brand and pitch work. Digital product maintenance, testing and optimization. Team motivator and schedule manager. Website, application, watch app, and VR design. Director and photographer selection. TV spot direction and set design. Student Mentor. Thought Leadership initiatives organization and design. Detroit Auto Show and New York Fashion Week design and strategy.

Senior Art Director

The Famous Group  /  Los Angeles  /  2011 - 2013

Created concepts, worked on pitches, came up with ingenious ways to infuse traditional campaigns with tech-based mechanisms such as gamification, augmented reality, face mapping, RFID chips, location-based gaming, animatronics, Chrome Experiments, etc. Delegated to and oversaw creative, and communicated directly with the client.

Senior Art Director

Ignited  /  Los Angeles  /  2010 - 2011

Senior Art Director

BBDO  /  New York City  /  2009 - 2010

Senior Designer

The Chopping Block  /  New York City  /  2005 - 2010

Art Director

AOL, Time Warner  /  NYC  /  2005


Cannes Lions

IAC Award


ADC Award

Business Award from the City of LA

T1 Launch an Idea Award

T1 Endeavor Award

RPA Aces Award

Awwwards. Site of the Day

FWA of the month

Speaking, Mentoring & Judging

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016

Speaker at design schools in the LA area

AIGA of Orlando

NYC School of Visual Arts

Visual Design Program at Jacksonville University

Past judge of Kansas City Addys

Active mentor at RPA Agency

Communication Arts 2012


Manager Bootcamp by Cecilia Gorman

Front End Web Development / General Assembly

Design Thinker Workshop / IDEO U

Bachelor of Art / Graphic Design / University of Florida

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