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My KPI :
Keep  People


Image caption: Accepting 3 awards from the city of LA for a hackathon I co-created, aimed at making cities more accessible to people with disabilities.

In my book, humans always come first. This extends past my design approach, into how I collaborate with clients and motivate my team. Among other projects, I have co-created a speaker event, a hackathon and a crowd-funding project aimed at solving problems for people with disabilities. Although I have won numerous awards, I remain driven by the desire to inspire and shape the human experience for the better.


Below are principles I have honed over the years. They’re my Jedi code.



Tell a

great story

Get your

hands dirty

Leave it

better than

you found it

Help harness


A famous scientific study found that we're 22 times more likely to remember something when it's told in a story. It makes sense. After all, humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time, to give meaning to the unknown. To understand where we came from. Stories are built into us. They bring us together, make us feel alive, and inspire us to take action.

The way to ensure a successful product is to put in the work, every single day. It helps to also use the best tools. I use design thinking to understand an audience and identify their aspirations. I use rapid prototyping to find and resolve potential issues early in the process. I use analytics insights and user feedback to inform product updates. And I always look for innovative ideas not outlined in the brief, because they have the potential to grab people’s attention and produce exceptional results.

I’m a human-centric creative. Understanding people and improving the world are important to me. I use design thinking to empathize with an audience, to find authentic solutions, and to create better solutions. I hosted and MC’d Global Accessibility Day, co-created a hackathon aimed at creating a more accessible LA, and helped make a device to give autistic kids the power to communicate. I also contributed to a best-selling book called Legacy in the Making: Building a Long-Term Brand to Stand Out in a Short-Term World.

Why are Finns the happiest people on Earth? In large part, because they have a strong social support system among friends, freedom to make life choices, a great healthcare system, and an absence of corruption. Its economy consistently ranks in the top 10 in the world. I want that for me. And I want it for my team too. I target happiness every day by listening when people talk, by fostering self-initiative, by encouraging a good work-life balance, by practicing gratefulness, and by being an absolute clown - when appropriate, of course.

My Skills

Design Thinking informs everything I do, from how I collaborate with & educate clients to how I motivate & inspire my team. Pick my brain to explore my specialized combo of skills.

Product Strategy

Prototyping & User Testing

Client Management

Presenting & Speaking


+15 Years

Product Design and
Marketing experience.


My 14-foot weekend adventure camper doubles as my remote office during the week.

I’m a contributor to

a best-selling ad industry book called Legacy

in the Making.

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 11_edited.jpg

Maurice LaMarche once gave me a private performance of his Pinky and the Brain voices!









& judging


Creative Direction & Strategy

Product Design

Interaction & Experience Design

Client Management & Collaboration

Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Campaign & Pitch Work

Building & Mentoring Cross-Disciplinary Teams





2K Games





Sony Pictures

They Might Be Giants


ACD, Product Design

RPA Agency - LA  /  2018 - Now

In less than 2 years, I more than doubled the Honda vehicle shopping completion rate and won Honda numerous UX awards, through creative and strategic direction, integrated communication, global implementation, prototyping, motion testing, and building/mentoring interdisciplinary teams. Developed pitches and ad campaigns.


Founder, Creative Director

Strong Current - LA  /  Now

Product design, UX/UI, apps, web design, and branding for clients

in New York City, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Senior Art Director, Digital

Team One - LA  /  2013 - 2018

Lexus web design, testing and maintenance. Team organizer and
motivator. Web, application, w
atch app, and VR designer. Director and
photographer selection. TV spot direction and set design. Mentoring
and speaking to students.


Senior Art Director, Digital

AOL Time Warner NYC, The Chopping Block NYC, BBDO NYC, Ignited LA, Famous Group LA  /  2005 - 2013











Cannes Lions

IAC Award

Webby Award

Car & Driver: Most Improved Experience

Business Awards from the City of LA

T1 Launch an Idea Award / Agency Recognition

T1 Endeavor Award / Agency Recognition

RPA Aces Award / Peer Recognition

Awwwards. Site of the Day

FWA of the month

Hosted Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016

Speaker at design schools in the LA area

Speaker at AIGA of Orlando

Visual Design Program at Jacksonville University

Judge of Kansas City Addys

Active mentor at RPA Agency

Communication Arts 2012

Manager Bootcamp / Cecilia Gorman Management Coach

Front End Web Development / General Assembly

Design Thinker Course / IDEO U

Bachelor of Art / Graphic Design / University of Florida

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