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Lexus Homepage

A bold and responsive space, showcasing Lexus’ commitment to craftsmanship, personalization, and performance.

Seduction through motion

The homepage is an interactive showroom designed to share the passion of a car company devoted to crafting world-class performance. What better way to represent performance than with motion. To ensure an optimal experience, cinemagraphs, gifs and video assets were optimized as much as possible without losing quality.

Personalized content

With always-on personalization that’s a first for luxury vehicles, visitors don’t need to spend time looking for the model they’re interested in. Customization helps visitors navigate the site more easily, while the modular design serves up custom layouts and content. Visitors quickly get to shopping information that’s relevant to them, and are 25% more likely to click on the personalized tiles.


Craftsmanship throughout

Telling the story of craftsmanship and performance requires a perfect balance of quality product, trust from the client, and a talented creative team dedicated to telling a great story. 

Lexus Future Vehicles

Revealing the future of luxury performance through gorgeous detail photography and video, in a dynamic environment focused purely on the product. 

Creating images

using new tech

We were the first OEM to experiment with Unreal Engine, a 3D graphics engine originally designed for gaming. We mastered the tool, making our vehicle renderings indistinguishable from the real thing. The benefits were quickly realized soon after – Unreal Engine became the cheapest and quickest way to color, light and render Lexus vehicles exactly the way we wanted.

The first space we began using them was in future cars, where we could generate as many gorgeous angles and details shots as we wanted, satisfying even the most demanding Lexus enthusiasts.


The solution: Anticipate & serve

Make communication timely, relevant and personal by delivering the information exactly when it is needed. We worked with Lexus engineers to identify vehicle data useful to car owners. Then we took the data and created a matrix of use cases which evolved into categories: vehicle history, service schedule, owner benefits, customer service and how-tos.

Lexus Drivers App

A better connection with your Lexus

The challenge

“I love my new Lexus. But now what?”

Customers say communication from car companies is non-existent after purchasing a luxury car. As soon as the vehicle drives off the lot, the dealer goes dark creating a disconnect between the brand and its owners.


Successful connections

The app created a consistent dialogue with Lexus owners, making them feel more connected to the brand. This was huge win for us and our client – it filled the communication gap customers reported with previous versions of the app, and raised the bar for OEM owner apps.

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