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Dacor Relaunch

Following Samsung's acquisition, Dacor high-end luxury appliances received significant technology upgrades, resulting in new features that set unprecedented standards within the luxury appliance industry, garnering considerable recognition and brand appeal by way of market disruption. Dacor needed to re-introduce itself to the world, and in a big way.

We created a new identity and narrative, revolving around the kitchen as a space for entertainment, the owner as an artist, and the appliances as their tools. We produced a campaign spanning 7 platforms for maximum saturation: website, broadcast, activation, culinary events, social content, PR, and digital.

Inspired by Dacor's newly released and prominently featured product line, the Modernist Collection, we created an aesthetic and language that lives at the crossroads of ultra-luxury and art. To bring this vision to life, we enlisted the help of supermodel Carolyn Murphy, who became the new face of Dacor. Through new content featuring Carolyn, we showcased the sleek touchscreens, demonstrated the appliances in use, and depicted her entertaining friends with ease and elegance. Role: Design, creative direction, content planning, narrative, content authoring, user testing.

The website


Content for a new narrative

Building on our established narrative, the new photography and footage captured the Modernist Collection using controlled tones, modern environments, and moody lighting to create an artsy celebrity-hosted party atmosphere. To ensure the environment would provide maximum support, we designed and built a modern and fully-functioning kitchen that could be rearranged to facilitate better captures. In addition, we had a photographer capture high-contrast behind-the-scenes photos and footage. Initially planned exclusively for social, the content proved to be so appealing that we decided to leverage it across the other campaign channels. Role: Set design, creative direction, narrative, photoshoot list management, chit-chatting with Carolyn Murphy.

TV spot

Dacor launched their TV spot, titled The Remodel, as a long-form brand manifesto during the Emmys to capture the attention of millions of viewers. Role: Creative direction, set design, BTS photo direction.


The website and social content launched simultaneously, following the TV spot airing. For social, we created short-form product infused teasers, enticing viewers to learn more about the high end technological features in Dacor’s Modernist Collection. Role: Animation direction, production, testing.




Web traffic increase


Social mention increase




Search increase

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