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Honda Website Redesign

Rethinking the shopping experience and introducing Honda's rugged side. The redesigned is approachable and fun storytelling in a flexible new environment.

cover static-min.png

Full-featured heroes

Knowing that most shoppers tend to drop off by the third component, we wanted to show as much useful information higher up the page without compromising clarity of content. A combination of slimmer hero, uncomplicated styling, a new offer component and feature highlights, and captivating product videos, allowed us to serve up the most searched product information without requiring the shopper to scroll. 

Optimized navigation

Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 8.28.10 PM.png

User testing validated our theory that the product feature component UI, with two navigation menus on opposite ends of the component, was clunky and not easy to use. Our optimized UI, seen above, doubled user engagement within weeks of implementation.


Shop-by-Feature trim compare

Trim walks have the tough job of communicating price and feature differences for several trims, in a small space. Not an easy task. When redesigning the trim walk, we raised the bar by allowing the user to compare trims using the most popular analytics-informed search terms. When navigating by category, to ensure quick-comparability of related features, we aligned them across the row of trim cards.

Smarter car shopping

Elevating the experience by getting the shopping tools to talk to each other and validating user interactions using subtle animations.


Interconnected tools

A pain point for car shoppers is having to repeatedly enter the same information throughout the online shopping experience. Channeling the helpful Honda spirit, we made it our mission to fix this. We rebuilt the shopping tools to talk to each other and store information from user interactions, delivering it at contextually relevant moments throughout their visit. Now, when a user begins building a Honda, offers are gathered, local inventory is searched, and monthly costs are calculated, all in real time.

Informative feedback

In order to make the shopping tools as easy-to-use as possible, we adopted interaction patterns and animations used by today’s most popular apps. Our theory is that this increase in user adoption would help move them down the purchase funnel, converting them into shoppers. This proved successful as it increased dealership leads by 120% in just a few short months – we more than doubled leads!

BAP price update.png
rugged adventure image.jpg

Creating the perfect space to feature Honda’s most capable and advanced SUVs and trucks ever.

Honda’s rugged side

More showing than telling

As part of the brand’s “Rugged” campaign, we created a page rich with motion and interactive elements, to showcase the rugged technology Honda vehicles employ to take on virtually any challenge.

ground types.png

Elegant communication

Lower page content doesn’t always get proper love and attention, but we owe it to Honda and its visitors to extend the brand experience into the increasingly vital online space. Telling the seemingly trivial story of drive modes needed an elegant approach using easy-to-understand visuals.

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